Monday, December 10, 2012

Wind Farms on Wetlands

After a long ride down a dirt road

we came across this lovely scene.

Turned out it was not so lovely.
This wind turbine is directly behind the wood duck house.

I originally thought this wind farm, in Port Hawkesbury, NS,
was strategically placed in an industrial park,
and I thought, "Oh well, if you have to have a wind farm,
an industrial park is a good place to put it."

Nova Scotia seems to consider the wetlands to be waste lands.
The Tantramar Marsh, on the border of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick,
is a perfect example of this.
The marsh is one of the largest on the Atlantic coast 
of North America,
covering 20,230 hectares.

I have to close my eyes when we pass by it 
because it is now covered in wind turbines.
Since I don't look, I'm not entirely sure, 
but I believe there are more than the 15
stated in the above provided link's article.  
Either that or they are just so big,
it looks like 50!
While researching the wind farm for this post, 
I came across one blogger who stated
that the wind farm will really "spiff up the area and will
draw attention away from the sewage lagoon being dug directly beside the wind farm.".

Interestingly, I found these two photos on a fellow quilter's blog.

I guess you've surmised that I am not a huge fan of wind farms.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Little Imagery

A Little Bit of Imagery

Close your eyes and imagine this.
No, you'd better not close your eyes,
or you can't read what's next!

Your sitting quietly at the shore,
enjoying a picnic lunch with your children,
when all of a sudden
a dog comes out of nowhere
and he's approaching rather quickly,
teeth bared, the hair on its back raised.
In that one instant,
just how does that make you feel?

Now, try to imagine you are a little bird, instead
Or a doe on the fringe with her young.

Uncontrolled dogs are becoming common along our wild shores.
And people don't seem to understand why it is important
to keep their dogs controlled,
I don't know,
like maybe

Forget that it's the law.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Old Growth Forest

There are still a few old growth forests in Nova Scotia.
The mighty saw has not destroyed them all.

Yellow Birch

The Dept. of Environment is furtively trying to identify
and protect them
before loggers take them for BIOMASS.

Although most of the sites I've read about biomass
give it a positive twist,
I've seen first hand how destructive this concept has become.

This particular forest was 'mis-identified' and roads
had been cut in to wipe it clean
before DOE got wind of it and stopped the process.

I've learned that not all 'professional foresters'
are created equally.

There are foresters who want to cut down the trees,
and foresters who want to save the trees.
They do not see through the same eyes.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Typically Cape Breton

View from my front deck

taken at the end of a beautiful day,
August, 2010.

The eagle sitting on the spit
to the left of the little gray boat
is a regular visitor.

The little gray boat is used by an older gentleman
to fish for eels during the summer months.

In the fall, after nesting season is over, 
he is often accompanied by his mate,
and even a few juvies.

Not the man, the eagle.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Daydreams

Right about now,
I'm missing 

An afternoon paddle
around Canso, NS
and onto a deserted Dover, NS beach.

Although this trip
during the hottest and buggiest it's ever been
during the whole 9 years 
I've been visiting Cape Breton,
I now look back on it with fond memories.

See the little island just below Louisdale
in the upper right hand corner?
That's where my home is!!

No, we did not paddle from there!!
It's about 32 miles across the bay...
just a tad bit too far!
But it's closer than driving!!
Takes about 1.5 hrs. to drive to Canso.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Halifax Public Gardens

Halifax, Nova Scotia


The goose.  

He was behind a wire enclosure by this waterway.
People were sitting on a bench in front of him, 
walking past and stopping for a quick visit,
talking to him,
and he just sat there.

Big and fat, (notice he only approved the head shots)
old looking,
bored silly.

I happened along with my camera,
and as soon as he saw me aiming it in his direction,
he got right up and posed,
to the left, to the right, looking up, looking down,
'here I am when I want to look demure',
'this is me when I want it to look like I'm paying attention'...
His many admirers were in stitches
by the time our 'photo shoot' concluded.

He was.....

wait for it.....

a silly goose.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012