Monday, August 30, 2010

Southward Ho!

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia isn't exactly on the major migration route for northbound shorebirds, but we are dead center on for Southward Migration!  During migration, shorebirds occur primarily in shallowly flooded coastal or freshwater wetlands or on intertidal mud flats.

Well, guess where I paddled on Sunday?  Correct!  Intertidal mudflats, that even during high tide, they are so shallow, we had to proceed with caution so we wouldn't continually get grounded.  Canals interwoven among themselves.  Mud flats, forest, floating bogs, brackish backwaters, and open ocean across the dunes.

The birds were bountiful.  Semi-palmated Plovers, Semi-palmated Sandpipers, Short-billed Dowitchers, Black-bellied Plovers, Greater Yellowlegs, Sanderlings.........I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.  And of course, resident eagles and osprey made multiple appearances.

So busy feeding, we could drift right up to the sandbars/mudflats 

and watch without disturbing even the resting birds. 

It was peaceful, exciting, and relaxing all rolled into one.

I loved the way they'd all lift at once, 

then land again in the exact same spot.

I will add a photo of the Black-bellies with S.B.Dowitcher, although it isn't of the greatest quality.

But to compensate, here are a few additional images while I ponder the miracle of from whence they came - the arctic, circumpolar, the sub-arctic; and where they are going - it just blows me away!

Safe journey, my feathered friends!

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekend Reflections - Gotcha'

A few weekends back I posted just the hummingbird feeder with the
reflection of the trees.  I was able to finally capture a hummer
and not just any hummer, but a juvie that I am very excited
about because she has a distinct marking on her belly
making her easier to track next year!!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Brave Journey

What heaven is this?  Where am I?

Hey, guys, can we have a little chat??

Please don't chase me away from the feeder!!

My baby and I were blown in on during yesterday's gale force wind!
We're lost and we're hungry!

Can't you hear my poor baby, calling and calling for food?

Oh, thank you, thank you.  
We'll be out of your way once we 'power up'!

Okay, sweet child, we can stay here, rest up, and get our bearings.
But you have to behave yourself and stop that loud and incessant begging!
Our hosts will only tolerate so much!

You poke around here, where you'll be safe, 
and I'll be back in a minute with a tasty treat!

Mmmm-mmm-mm, try this!

Which way did she go?
Hope she brings back more!!

Junco's are not residents on my property, and only pass through in the spring.
Imagine my surprise when I heard the unfamiliar voices
of these sweet little birds in my rock garden.

The little story is true.  I was glued to my seat
as I watched it unfold and realized what was going on.  
Initially, the adult junco tried to access the feeder and the ground below, 
but the song sparrows kept chasing it off.  
I'm glad I grabbed my camera when I did!

By late afternoon of the following day, they were gone.
Safe journey, my little friends.
Glad you found refuge here with me!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Eagle Eyes

Yes, this handsome devil was looking right at me!!
Or was he "looking down at me", 
as if I was just another one of those lowly humans
 infringing upon his territory!
What nerve I had!

But, oh, there's something to be said
about being in the right place
at the right time!!