Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Other Egypt Falls Treasures

The magnificent waterfall wasn't the only treasure
that beautiful fall day.

Along the trail were some little treats
to stop and admire,
and take a breath!

These little moths were flitting around everywhere.

I love mosses and lichens!

An opportunistic fern.

These were lined up like stacked coins
along the entire length of this fallen tree.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Making Quite a Splash

Egypt Falls
Cape Breton, NS

One crisp, clear fall day,
when I was asked if I would rather sew or go on an adventure,
I'm so glad I chose the adventure!

Although it was a long ride,
we headed off to a mystery destination.
I brought along a book, which I read as we traveled,
looking up and around every few minutes.
Much to my delight, as we passed a farmers field, 
I counted 8 Bald Eagles, so we stopped.,
and counted 48 more!
And as we scanned the trees beyond,
there were even more!  If there weren't 75 Bald Eagles, there wasn't one!
Pictures?  Hmmmm, they were awfully far away.
Too far away for MY camera.

We drove and drove and drove,
until we came to this little path off a dirt road in the Margaree Valley.

The trail was steep, blanketed with wet beech leaves,
and for fear of falling, I hung on to the trees all the way.

Only a half mile trek, it felt like forever...
...until I spotted this through the trees....

As the trail became steeper,
 I was relieved to see that someone had
strategically strung a rope
allowing one  
to hang onto for dear life
in order to descend safely to the bottom.

And OH! My gosh,

The falls feed into this brook.

(I must apologize for the darkened pictures,
as my camera is dying a slow death.
Attempts to lighten them obliterate the deep blue sky
that we enjoyed that day.)

(I wish I knew how to imbed a video.)

If I thought going down was difficult,
you should have seen this old lady on the climb back up!!
But it was worth every moment of discomfort,
believe me!!