Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Daydreams

Right about now,
I'm missing 

An afternoon paddle
around Canso, NS
and onto a deserted Dover, NS beach.

Although this trip
during the hottest and buggiest it's ever been
during the whole 9 years 
I've been visiting Cape Breton,
I now look back on it with fond memories.

See the little island just below Louisdale
in the upper right hand corner?
That's where my home is!!

No, we did not paddle from there!!
It's about 32 miles across the bay...
just a tad bit too far!
But it's closer than driving!!
Takes about 1.5 hrs. to drive to Canso.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Halifax Public Gardens

Halifax, Nova Scotia


The goose.  

He was behind a wire enclosure by this waterway.
People were sitting on a bench in front of him, 
walking past and stopping for a quick visit,
talking to him,
and he just sat there.

Big and fat, (notice he only approved the head shots)
old looking,
bored silly.

I happened along with my camera,
and as soon as he saw me aiming it in his direction,
he got right up and posed,
to the left, to the right, looking up, looking down,
'here I am when I want to look demure',
'this is me when I want it to look like I'm paying attention'...
His many admirers were in stitches
by the time our 'photo shoot' concluded.

He was.....

wait for it.....

a silly goose.