Monday, December 10, 2012

Wind Farms on Wetlands

After a long ride down a dirt road

we came across this lovely scene.

Turned out it was not so lovely.
This wind turbine is directly behind the wood duck house.

I originally thought this wind farm, in Port Hawkesbury, NS,
was strategically placed in an industrial park,
and I thought, "Oh well, if you have to have a wind farm,
an industrial park is a good place to put it."

Nova Scotia seems to consider the wetlands to be waste lands.
The Tantramar Marsh, on the border of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick,
is a perfect example of this.
The marsh is one of the largest on the Atlantic coast 
of North America,
covering 20,230 hectares.

I have to close my eyes when we pass by it 
because it is now covered in wind turbines.
Since I don't look, I'm not entirely sure, 
but I believe there are more than the 15
stated in the above provided link's article.  
Either that or they are just so big,
it looks like 50!
While researching the wind farm for this post, 
I came across one blogger who stated
that the wind farm will really "spiff up the area and will
draw attention away from the sewage lagoon being dug directly beside the wind farm.".

Interestingly, I found these two photos on a fellow quilter's blog.

I guess you've surmised that I am not a huge fan of wind farms.