Friday, September 2, 2011

A Quiet River Paddle

Framboise River
Cape Breton

I don't know if the name of the river really is Framboise River, 
but it is a river and it is in Framboise.
Originally, plans were to paddle the mudflats a few miles up the road 
to observe migrating shore birds,
but the flats were fogged in and it was cold!

However, a few miles down the road, 
the sun was shining, the air was hot,
and the river beckoned.

Eastern Forktail, (Ischmura verticalis)

Horned Bladderwort, (Utricularia cornuta)

 A lone white water lily.

 I don't know my water bugs!

Juncus canadensis

Variable Dancer, (Argia fumipennis),
hitching a ride.

Not a clue, but oh, so pretty!

All visiting paddlers 'otter' be entertained!
There were four and they were SO cute!

I'm still toiling over my hawk identification skills.
Judging from all the other photos I took,
I believe this to be a juvenile Red-tailed.

Sparganiium spp, perhaps emersum, with Northern Bluet (Enallagma cyathigerum).

And last, but not least, a Greater Yellowlegs.