Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Simple Abundance

Gooseberry Cove
Cape Breton, NS

Perhaps one of the most beautiful spots
along the Cape Breton coast,
Gooseberry Cove took my breath away
the first time I visited the area.
On that particular day, the angry sea
sent waves crashing among the rocks.

But today's visit was relatively calm.

This is 'Crown Land', owned by the government,
and much to my delight, Nova Scotia is considering
making Gooseberry Cove 
a protected wilderness area.

An hour and a half drive, and well worth every mile.

Approximately 30% of the land in Nova Scotia
is 'Crown Land', and the government has proposed
to set aside 12% as protected areas by 2015.

If I'm reading the information correctly, 
they are not adding an additional 12%, but are
combining new properties to bring 
the total of protected wilderness areas
up to the 12% mark.

Black Guillemots were everwhere!
If only I could include the delicious smell of the sea air,
almost acrid at low tide. 

The only way I was going to capture
this Chalk-fronted Corporal (Ladona julia
was to catch him in mid-air!

This little toad was there all day.

One of my most favorite bog plants to photograph,
the Cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus
is considered a delicacy!  
Locations are often kept secret!

The carnivorous Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia purpurea).

Blue Flag (Iris versicolor)

I applaud Nova Scotia's efforts to preserve the wilderness.
Progress is encroaching rapidly.
I have the opportunity to see a lot.
and it isn't always pretty.
Lots of ATV's damaging the bogs
and dunes, illegally, of course.
Forested areas are just as abused.

Simple Abundance?
Only if they become more conscientious about managing
these protected areas. 



Stewart M said...

Hi there - what a splendid set of pictures - another place added to my "to visit list" - now all I need is two extra life times and limitless cash!

Cheers _ Stewart M - Australia

Mama-Bug said...

What a beautiful place. It just speaks to me of serenity and peace.
I can see why it's a favorite place of yours.

Out on the prairie said...

I looked over your pictures a number of times, what beauty to share. This is an area I really need to explore.I love the dragonfly in flight, a hard shot to get.

Just Ramblin' said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Love the little toad and dragon fly. You really do live in a wonderful area. Nola

grammie g said...

HI Karen ..Just spectacular scenery and I just love the vegatation and especially the plants ..and of course mr toad!!

Luna Miranda said...

what a gorgeous landscape. i love the rocks and the sea. fabulous shots.

Barb said...

Such sweeping vistas of rock, green, and sea! That toad is well-camauflaged!

Kjell T. Evensen said...

This is place for quiet meditation. Great photos of a beautiful place.

VaishVijay said...

Lovely shots! Especially that close-up of a mound (6th pic from top) looks like a bunch of animals lying in stealth!

Gary said...

Great post and I hope they make it a refuge. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely place of natural beauty. I hope this becomes a protected area.

Larry Ostby said...

Just found your blog and have had a very good visit. Terrific photos of NS landscapes and fauna. What a fabulous place to visit.

Kathiesbirds said...

This is just beautiful! Oh, I do so hope they protect the land and can keep those illegal ATVer's off the land and out of the forest!

Johnny Nutcase said...

absolutely gorgeous place - love that rugged coastline. I've always wanted to get up to that area..hopefully one day soon! Love the photos, and nice to read there are efforts to protect it. Beautiful!

elcamperoinquieto.com said...

What a nice surroundings with interesting coast side wilderness!
Nice day!