Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Old Growth Forest

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Glendyre is a small, Scottish gaelic community 
that hosts a very large and almost
obsolete phenomenom - one of the last remaining 
and possibly the best example of an old growth forest.

With white birch and sugar maple trees 
measuring over 10 feet around!!

I was in a total state of bliss.

An off-trail hike of only 1.1 km seemed like 10!

The banks of the brook we crossed were steep
and laden with downed trees covered with moss
and hidden from view by mammoth ferns.

There were treasures everywhere!

Wood Frog
(Rana sylvatica)

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker holes.

Artist's Conk
(Ganoderma applanatum)

This is only a small sampling!

Rest assured, this parcel of land is being strongly considered
an effort by the Nova Scotia government
to secure the natural wonders
of the province.


Mama-Bug said...

These truly are some treasures! Enjoyed these beautiful photos.

grammie g said...

Hi Karen...What an interesting post on this old growth forest!

Loved the photo's especially the green colored fungi and the last with the moss growing on top of the...what we always called toad stools as kids..!!
Such things many people will unfortunately never have the opportunity to see!!
I just spent 4 days in Northern Maine with my daughter, and we went in the woods on her propeety and found wonders in mosses and fungi little streams with leaves floating...just magical!!


Just Ramblin' said...

Amazing what you see and find when hiking. It looks like a beautiful area with the stream running through it and the changing color of the leaves. Loved the little toadstool peeking up through the moss. The frog really blends in with his environment. Many would have passed by without seeing it. Do they get a lot of moisture there? Probably very little sunlight with the tall old trees. These were great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Nola

Roy said...

Lovely trees Karen.

Gary said...

Amazing post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Out on the prairie said...

The huge trees sound nice to be near. I have found a few and looked to see if they were record holders as a great tree.Lovely shots to share, very unique.

Johnny Nutcase said...

i love these photos! what a magical place, i'd love to check it out. The fungus pictures are awesome, and old growth forests - love 'em!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I can just about feel the air and smell the woods through your pictures! Thank you for the link to this lovely place.
I have subscribed!

Everyday Goddess said...

Wow! very cool to see the old growth forest is alive and well!

makes me happy to know about!

Ed Pilolla said...

a rich, hidden world for those of us trapped in the city too much of the time. lush photos.

Connie said...

Beautiful pictures of a absolutely beautiful area! I hope this area will be saved, thanks for sharing!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

These are so very cool photos Kat. I love discovering new nature sitings.

We just got our internet back today after Saturday's storm, so I am thrilled I can visit your blog again.

John said...

Beautiful shots Karen,
As you know I love trees, so these were lovely to see. You would love the Old Caladonia Pine forests in the Scottish Highlands. Thank you for sharing these. John