Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lobster Season's Over


EG Wow said...

Ah! The hazy, lazy days of summer. Neat photo, Karen!

Beth F said...

Is that the ferry? Great shot.

ksdoolittle said...

Thanks, EG! I love days like this!

Beth, that is a lobster boat bringing in the traps on the last day of lobster season! Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


walk2write said...

Did you get to buy some of the freshly caught lobster? It's been a while since I've tasted any. We're planning a visit to Maine this September, and I'm looking forward to that lobster!

christopher said...

That is sad.

I look forward, however, to making an annual trek to Cape Cod soon in search of some very grand lobster indeed.

Steve Borichevsky said...

Here in the central part of the lobster population, lobster season is in full swing. On our recent trip to you wonderful cape, I was surprised at the challenges that your lobstermen face and how few losbster boats there are on Nova Scotia.

But is is not all paradise down here. South of Cape Code, down the Atlantic Seaboard, there is talk of a 5 year ban on lobstering to allow the fishery to recover.

However our (central) population is thriving. We will lobster here in Gloucester until the waters cool off and the lobsters migrate out to deep water. Our lobstermen (and women) will start pulling pots in late October, repair gear and start setting pots again in March and April.