Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My World Tuesday

Arichat Harbor
on a sunny afternoon.

Doing what I like to do best,
except this is more civilized than the usual
destinations, but handy.  

When I am out skimming the surface of the ocean, 
I have no sense of size.
I am just me, in my 17 foot long boat, working hard against the tide and wind, 
in awe of the surrounding beauty, listening to the song of the thrush, 
the cry of the angry osprey........

......but when I look out over the harbor from the road,
I realize just how small I was against the vast landscape.

It's powerful.

During autumn, 1776, Revolutionary giant John Paul Jones 
once navigated through this harbor 
while on a tour of the coast of Nova Scota 
reeking havoc against the British fleet, 
and burned the fishery that had been established here.



Anonymous said...

Must be a great pastime Karen.

Just Ramblin' said...

Once again great pictures! What an awesome time you must have out on the water, enjoying the beauties of nature! It would be awfully hard to paddle home when there is so much to enjoy on the water. Nola

Pam said...

Beautiful words for the delightful and majestic world you live in. Your photos are marvelous, I love the shot of the osprey in its nest, well done.

Carver said...

I love these shots and it is interesting to me how different perspectives make such a hug difference. I know what you mean about how being in the water on a boat there is such a different sense of scale than when looking at a boat on water from land.

Mark Kreider said...

Wonderful photos! Our ospreys are now tending their new constantly peeping young. I'd love to have you kayak in our bay and on the Sound as I'd love to kayak on yours!

Glennis said...

Nice photos, it is rather nice skimming along in a kayak, I have only done so in sheltered waters, but really enjoyed it.
Lots of history in that area.

Marites said...

oh, i love kayaking! Been awhile since i've first tried it and it was fun! yeah, I can understand the feeling of being small against the vastness of everything. nice pictures!

Monts said...

Hi Karen that looks like an excilerating pastime and puts a completly different aspect on your world. Its very popular here around the coast of Cornwall.

Monts said...

Hi Karen Just had to respond to your comment on my blog,Sorry to have to tell you we do not have fairies here in Cornwall but if your quiet in the woods you may happen across some Cornish Pixies hidden in the foliage of bushes or sitting on Toadstools. These little people used to work the Treacle Mines here until the Treacle ran out, and then a lot emigrated to Canada where they started mining Maple Syrup.

EG Wow said...

I guess most boats would look very small there. It's a beautiful place and so full of history. :)

lisaschaos said...

Quite impressive! Still, small or not I'm sure you enjoy it. :)