Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My World Tuesday

I know, it's Wednesday!  But I was away on Tuesday, fabric shopping!  When the closest fabric store is 1-1/2 hours away, and the opportunity to get a ride up presents itself, fabric shopping takes precedent!!

The Ranger was exploring a block of Crown Land (government owned) on our little island last week, with the hopes of being able to recommend it as a protected area.  This parcel is not accessible to the general public, as it is surrounded by privately owned property.  Judging by the photos he returned with, I'd have to say it is most beautiful.

While he was wandering the coastline, he heard a most welcoming sound, and looking up, saw this magnificent creature!

He'd heard it spout,
 and said it was massive. 
 Not the typical Pilot Whale we often see in our local waters, 
we hit the books in an attempt to identify it by it's fin.  
The best we could figure is that it's a Fin Whale, but we aren't sure.  
It appeared to be all by itself.

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walk2write said...

Oh, that is a magnificent spot, and I can see why the whale favors it. I had to chuckle when you mentioned fabric shopping. When my sister goes on vacation with her husband, she plans the itinerary with a map of all of the fabric stores along the way so as not to miss any. Now that they have an empty nest, she's managed to fill the spare rooms and closets with fabric for her quilts!

Your Ranger takes wonderful photos, by the way.

Carver said...

What a beautiful place and great capture of the whale.

Monts said...

Just one word Karen "Idyllic".
and the whale is pretty good to.

Just Ramblin' said...

Such a beautiful area. It should be protected! How neat he could snap a picture of the whale. Yesterday while running errands a car ahead of me had N.S. license plates. Think it's the first time I've seen them around here. Made me think of my new friend who lives in such a beautiful place. Nola

The Early Birder said...

Hi Karen...fabulous location..I could see myself sitting there soaking up the atmosphere and maybe dipping the toes in the water. A whale sighting would be an added bonus. FAB

Glennis said...

Beautiful place, and how exciting to see and hear a whale, and such a huge one! WOW

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty special Karen.

EG Wow said...

It is beautiful. I hope is protected otherwise it will get gobbled up by someone with big money. Too bad most people cannot share in its beauty because they'd have to cross private property to get to it it.

Regina said...

Beautiful world and captures!

R e g i n a

Solstitches said...

What a beautiful place. Your photographs are just wonderful.