Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avian Architecture: Book Review and Give-away

Avian Architecture
How Birds Design, Engineer and Build
by Peter Goodfellow

When Peter Goodfellow was growing up in England, he must have been one of those affectionately annoying little boys that asked a lot of questions, all the time. “How does this work?”, “Why does that happen?”, Where do you imagine that goes?”. And now, as an adult, Peter has taken that need for knowledge, that childlike curiosity, to a whole new level.

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Out on the prairie said...

I enjoy watching birds while nesting.Here the latest rage all spring was the eagles at Decrah webcam.

Monts said...

Hi Thanks for dropping by my blog, up until a few weeks ago I saw your last post was 20th Dec and thought you had given up blogging.Anyway nice to see you back and those previous posts are lovely.