Friday, July 8, 2011

Silver-bordered Fritillary

Silver-bordered Fritillary
(Boloria selene)

This sweet little butterfly was fluttering
 around the property with it's companion. 
I felt lucky that it decided to land for a few minutes
and that my camera was handy.  
I've seen them before, but they don't usually 
stop long enough for me to grab the camera!
 This is one of the fastest flying of the lesser fritillaries, 
but it regularly visits flowers, such as asters and daisies.
It's host plants are violets.

Measuring approximately 1 3/8 - 2 1/8 inches,
the Silver-bordered Fritillary is the most common 
and widespread lesser Boloria in the Maritimes
and is found in a variety of wet habitats 
- lucky me with over 2 acres of wet meadow!
The underside is distinct with bright, 
metallic silver spots on an orange-brown base.

They have two overlapping broods 
from mid-May to mid-September,
so perhaps they'll grace me with their appearance
a few more times!


texwisgirl said...

VERY pretty! :)

Out on the prairie said...

A very nice find.I am seeing mostly Gulf Fritillaries and enjoy watching them.

Kjell T. Evensen said...

Lucky you, it's not easy to get those to pose for us. :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

fritillaries are such pretty butterflies!

Dimple said...

Very pretty! Lucky you that it stood still long enough!

Bengts fotoblogg said...

Very nice, lovely butterfly.

Steve Borichevsky said...

Nice bug!